smart, affordable, live data from field to phone

Why Vipimo?

  • do you need continuous data on the performance of your facilities in order to boost production & cut losses?
  • do you get stressed, unable to monitor conditions at night or when you are away?
  • we offer remote monitoring for such data on your phone/laptop!
  • we offer local support for our efficient, affordable, robust & easy to use solution!

smart, affordable, live data from field to phone

What is Vipimo?

  • wireless sensor network, apps
  • swahili word for 'measurements'
  • physical world connected to Internet (Internet of Things, IoT)
  • sensors: water/power, temperature, moisture, humidity, door position, pH, EC, etc.
  • automatic alerts (email, sms, push notifications)

Who are our customers?

  • agricultural sector, cold chain
  • logistics, freight forwarding companies
  • utility companies (water, power, gas)
  • aquaculture, aquaponics
  • property management
  • hospitality industry
  • general public, domestic users